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January 26, 2017


WMAS started 2017 with a roomful of music that lifted spirits on a dreary day. We were a smallish group but large enough to make a lot of noise – and fulfill the quorum requirements of our bylaws. In a notably peaceful election, with no campaign speeches whatsoever, members approved the slate of candidates, so Peter DiGiovanni will remain president and Mara Cherkasky secretary-treasurer, while Robert Ford will move into the vice-presidential seat. As mentioned in previous emails, Joan Grauman was not a candidate for vice-president because she is preparing to move to Florida at the end of this year, and wanted to concentrate her energy on her responsibilities as our music director. So, for the time being, she’ll still be arranging guest-artist concerts, choosing music for and conducting the Holiday Orchestra, etc.

The main portion of the January 22 meeting was a play-along, in which participants passed out sheet music and the group ran through each piece. Jim Vandelly and Mara Cherkasky also led the group in playing a couple of well-known, simple pieces by ear. Jim also served as greeter, on his bayan, and Allison Weiss stepped in this month as refreshments coordinator. Thanks very much to both of you, and to those who brought music to share. Although we didn’t start playing until almost 4:30, we kept it up until almost 6:00 before anyone got up and started thinking about the refreshments. 

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, February 12 at 4 pm. Because the Church is a hypothermia center that day, we may need to wrap up a bit earlier than normal, possibly as early as 6 pm.  Consequently, we will be moving our birthday/dance party to the March 19 meeting when we will not be so pressured. So, for the February 12 meeting, we will be honoring St. Valentine with our love for the accordion. We are therefore asking you – and your students -- to share your story of how and why you started with the accordion, and to play something (perhaps a love song) for us. If you and/or your students would like to “share and play,” please reply to this email and we’ll put you/them on the list. We are limiting each presentation to 5 minutes at this time, but you might get more time depending on how many folks want to present. Students get first dibs, though; please let them know!


WMAS member Sergio Fresco will be playing in
Songs of Migration and Longing (Canti de Emigrazione e Nostalgia)
Concert and Lunch
Sunday, February 5, 2017, at 1 pm
Casa Italiana
595 Third Street, NW (at F Street)
Washington, DC
Tickets: Adults $20, Children (12 and under) $10
202-638-0165, casaitaldc@gmail.com

Peter DiGiovanni will be in the pit orchestra for a production of Fiddler on the Roof at HB Woodlawn High School, 4100 Vacation Lane, Arlington VA.  Performance are at 7:30 pm on January 26, 27 and 28, and at 2:00 pm on January 28.