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October 29, 2017


Although WMAS members and guests had to fight detours and huge traffic backups related to last Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon, they were richly rewarded with a festive and fun Oktoberfest. How could it be otherwise when you combine live accordion music, dancing, and great food in one room? And, of course, a lovely group of people such as ourselves! Greeter Mona Berch created the perfect prelude to the party with a good selection of pieces. Then, several soloists and duos performed; Herb Fredrickson and Joyce Day taught the German dance “Jaegermarsch”; and Mistress of Ceremonies Joan Grauman led the large group of accordionists in an Oktoberfest jam. Thank you, everyone, for the fun and good company, and for supporting the flea market, which raised a nice sum for the American Accordionists’ Association youth program. Special thanks go to Robert Ford for arranging for WMAS to use his church for the October meeting! 

(We will be back at the Sleepy Hollow UMC for the November meeting – just two weeks away).

One important piece of business was addressed at the October meeting. The Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, Karen Uribe, proposed the Committee’s slate of candidates for 2018: Peter DiGiovanni – President; Robert Ford – Vice-President; and Mara Cherkasky, Secretary/Treasurer. These three, all incumbents, have agreed to serve in their current capacities for the upcoming year, but any other member who would like to run for one of the positions should contact Karen at mexico1968@verizon.net. Elections will take place at the January meeting. 


November meeting

The November 12 meeting will feature a hands-on workshop by Joan Grauman on strengthening your hands through some simple musical exercises. These exercises, created by the marvelous jazz accordionist and accordion teacher Joe Cerrito, have greatly improved Joan’s skills, and she would like to share them with us. 

The flea market will be back, so bring your checkbooks, and the meeting will also feature our first rehearsal of the holiday music. If you still need the sheet music, please contact Joan at joangrauman@verizon.net.

Please, please, please attend the November 12 meeting! It will be a refresher course on working with a conductor as well as understanding HOW she will conduct these particular pieces. It’s also good for orchestra participants to hear how parts sound together. Expert accordionists and beginners alike need this. And please come early to hear our greeter Jim Vandelly!

The other rehearsals are scheduled for Saturday, November 18, 4 pm; Sunday, December 3, 4 pm (tentative); Sunday, December 10, 1:45 pm (MANDATORY), just before the 4 pm concert. Please mark your calendars!


Lost and Found

Did you accidentally pick up Mike Rubin’s Oktoberfest music book at the October meeting? He wrote his name on the upper right-hand corner of the cover and made notations inside, so he would like to have it back. If you have it, please bring it to the November meeting and exchange it for another copy. Thanks!


Any Web Designers Among Us?

Is there anyone out there who would like to volunteer to create a new website for us in WordPress or SquareSpace? Our current one was created in Dreamweaver, which is overly complicated for our purposes and also expensive. Please reply to this email if you could handle this task for us. Thanks!


Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra Concert on Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Washington Balalaika Society will be presenting its fall concert at 3 pm on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at the Kenmore Theatre for the Performing Arts, 201 S. Carlin Springs Road, Arlington Virginia. The 60-member WBS Orchestra is the largest Russian folk orchestra in the U.S. It is well-rehearsed and sounds great.

You can find more info at http://www.balalaika.org/

For $15 group-rate tickets contact Peter DiGiovanni at 703-919-5701 or peter@musicisforever.com