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Accordiana Accordion for Sale

Accordiana 2/4 model 506 w case and new straps. It's in good shape.
Please contact Tony Rich, TonyRich71@gmail.com



Cintioli Accordion for Sale

I am selling my 1962 student 120-bass Cintioli  accordian made in Italy. It is in great shape, plays well, and has a case.

Suggested price is $250, will consider offers.

Please contact Jami Summers at gksjwb@gmail.com.






Excelsior Accordion for Sale

Color is called Red Rose
Selling for my grandfather
$1,800.00 OBO
72 bass - 7 registers
Like-new condition
Comes with case and keys. Case locks.

Contact Karen at 410-693-6221 in Pasadena, Maryland


Nicolo Salanti Accordion for Sale

Good Condition, 1 key in need of repair
Requires new strap

Find it at ReStore Silver Spring
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Address: 12006 B Plum Orchard Drive Silver Spring, MD 20904
Web: www.ReStoreMetroMD.org



An Accordion! What Is That?

NOW available as an ebook at www.accordionbee.com!

This children's book was written by Karen Malan-Uribe and illustrated by Joan Geller Grauman. Mary Tokarski narrates the book and plays a range of tunes to illustrate the story.

Custom Transcriptions for Accordionists

If you ever run across something you like on YouTube and you want to learn it, I can transcribe it for you. I also have a large number of lead sheets already transcribed from button and piano accordion players. For more information contact Wendy Morrison at klezmer@comcast.net.


Roland Accordion for Sale

Roland FR-3s V-Accordion for sale. Just a few months old and in like-new condition. I am needing to sell it so I can send my daughter to school. Asking price is $1,500. Price is negotiable.

Dan Darrikhuma, 540-255-5254, or danieldarrikhuma@hotmail.com.

Here also is a link to Roland's website:


For Sale -
GIULIETTI Super Continental V2 Cassotto Accordion

In MINT condition: Treble keyboard features 45 full size keys with 22 dupli-visi registers for ease of reach from any part of the keyboard. Treble Reed configuration is LMMH with a L & M in the cassotto. Bass keyboard features 87 chromatic keys in 5 rows and 2 rows of fundamental stradella bass which represents the organ pedal line. There are 2 sets of reeds and 3 registers repeated 4 times for convenient reach from any position of the bass keyboard. All reeds are handmade.

The chromatic bass gives the piano accordion the ability to have a keyboard for music from all periods, all in the correct pitch and the proper voicing. The chord reach exceeds the reach that is available on a piano keyboard, even without the use of your thumb. As a Solfeggio keyboard it is superior to all other systems. Chords and intervals all have a uniform shape regardless of key or register. Learning to play it is actually easier than the piano keyboard.

The left hand Bassetti chromatic bass layout is available to view if you wish. Just request it and I will send it to you.

The price is $7,495 or best offer..

Contact Clay Bobrowski in Virginia 703-335-1301 in the afternoons or email clamounte-staples@msn.com.





Gifts for the accordionist

Joan & Dan Grauman